discreet relationships



discreet relationships



Married White Male - I'm married and want to play with women in the Virginia / Maryland / D.C. Metro area. I work nights and the wife works days so lets meet and have fun! Willing to try almost anything! Must be Discreet! Private P.O. Box 6621324

MWF - I have been married for 2 years and my husband is so bad at fucking . I still want to fuck long after he's done! I want someone to discuss sex with and I want to suck cock! Will you teach me that? Must Be Discreet!  Private P.O. Box 1279337

Bi Curious Woman & Straight Man - Most of our friends would say that as a couple we are easy-going. We’re a Bi-curious woman and a straight man. We’re interested in exploring sex with another  women /  men   and  /  or

couples. We’re looking for people who can be Discreet. Single Men Welcome! We enjoy giving oral sex, receiving oral sex, anal sex, sex toys ( Vibrators / Dildos / etc.), spanking, three-somes, making home movies and participating in erotic photography & voyeurism. "He love to watch!"  If this sounds interesting to you, contact us. Private P.O. Box 8817341

Pregnant & Willing - I am a married white female who isn't getting any at home. Since I got pregnant my husband won't touch me. The good side of it is, he let's everyone else touch
me! ( Often ) If you are STD

Free and looking for some erotic sex action ( with no condom ) and don't mind it being with a pregnant woman, write to me! He won't let me meet men anywhere other than our home, so if that's ok with you, it's all good! I love anal sex, oral sex, sex toys, making movies & pictures.  No rough sex though!  Must Be Discreet!!!   Private P.O. Box 3343721

SWM - I am a honest, open-minded, decent and sexy guy. I enjoy being single and am not looking for love or marriage. I am respectful and don't push people beyond their limits. Above all else, I love fun sex and am absolutely discreet. I have a very special lady friend who may want to play should the opportunity ever arise. I live alone and am very flexible. I seek a woman for a no-strings friendship involving fun sex. Her marital status isn't important but if she is married she must be absolutely discreet I do not want to become involved in any marital issues. She must be squeaky clean, D/D free and respectful like myself. Private P.O. Box 6311735

Married Couple - Seeking single men, single women, couples and groups to satisfy my wife's fetishes. She loves being completely naked except for thigh highs and having people do sexual acts to her while blindfolded & gagged. She is also into  light  or  heavy

bondage! I film while select people  do  what  they  want  to her. You can do anything you want "within reason."  No Pain, No Bathroom Play! Anything Else Goes! One on One, Men, Women, Group, Gang Bangs, Hot Wax, Sex Toys...Anything!  When we play, she never sees who you are while you're there but enjoys watching the videos prior to our own sexual encounters! You must be clean & D/D Free! No Exceptions! If you're interested, contact us. Wife never plays alone and I always watch, even if I don't film. Must Be Discreet!   Private P.O. Box 3977692

Married But Looking - I'm a married white woman looking to find a little something on the side. Nothing serious!  I enjoy anal sex, giving & receiving oral sex, sex toys, gags blindfolds, hot wax, pantyhose,  thigh  highs

and light bondage. I'm looking for men or women for one on one sex or discreet relationship. I'm not into pain! Drop me a letter if you're interested. Raleigh NC area. Private P.O. Box 2371135

Female - In desperate need of some new hobbies, I was thinking along the lines of role playing and domination. Interested? Private P.O. Box 1183549

Married Couple - We're a fit, athletic, successful, energetic, sexy white married couple and we enjoy traveling,  fine  dining,

boating  and  other outdoor activities. We are happy going out or just staying in. We share hours of passionate teasing, caressing, massaging followed by intense and erotic lovemaking. HER: She is Bi Sexual, hot, intelligent, extremely sexy, yet down to earth. Just seeing her walk in the house wearing a little mini-skirt gets me excited. She has an incredibly tight body which she knows how to use to bring overwhelming pleasure. Her sensual sweet spots turn her into jelly and she loves to find yours! HIM: He is Straight, sexy, confident, kind, and thoughtful. He's usually a good boy and let's me have my way. We are looking for sexy, confident playmates and very "Select Couples" who can join us for soft erotic fun with the possibility of developing a discreet relationship. Ideal playmates would feel comfortable in a relationship with us as a couple. We would like you to be able to keep up with our numerous sexual activities both in and out of bed. If interested, please contact us! No Single Men!  Private P.O. Box 3597751

Married White Female - Looking for someone to play with while my husband is at work and when he goes out of town. ( And he's gone, FREQUENTLY! ) I enjoy anal sex, giving & receiving   oral   sex,   sex

toys, gags blindfolds, hot wax,   pantyhose,  thigh pantyhose, thigh highs, sexy clothes and bondage. I'm looking for men, women or couples to share a discreet relationship while enjoying some fantastic sex!!! I'm not into pain but I'm into almost anything you want to try! Must be D/D Free and Clean! Drop me a letter if you're interested. VA Beach area. Private P.O. Box 1977831

White Female - Mom of 4 who would like to take it up the ass! Must be Discrete! Private P.O. Box 545408

We Are A Professional And Discreet Couple -  We like to experiment sometimes with similar couples and singles on the side. We are new to this scene. We are very attractive and   D&D  free.   She   likes

attractive young girls, preferably with long hair. She is very bi-sexual and loves to be with a woman. She also loves having sex with nice big thick cocks. He is straight and loves beautiful girls. He likes watching wife having sex with other attractive people, and putting on a similar show for her. We are looking for attractive people who are discreet and like to have fun. Must be D&D free. Must be nice and courteous. We are picky so only honest people respond, preferably people with similar profiles. Looking for someone who likes to have hot safe sex ( if you are the right one ) on occasion. Men Welcome! Private P.O. Box 8871254

MWF - I have been married for 2 years and my husband is so bad at fucking . I still want to fuck long after he's done! I want someone to discuss sex with and I want to suck cock! Will you teach me that? Must Be Discreet!  Private P.O. Box 1279337

SWF - I am a very ambitious and hard working graphic designer with great aspirations in life and a love of SEX!!! I just can't get enough! I love  getting fucked and I love getting fucked by more than one man  at  a  time.  I  also

love giving and receiving oral sex, light bondage, anal sex and group sex! If  you wanna get to know me, just send me a letter. Please include a picture. I try and respond to everyone. Do You Wanna Get To Know Me?? Private P.O. Box 4217794

SWF - I'm a very open minded female looking to please and get to pleased back. I'm looking for a down to earth girl who's drama free and loves to have a good time. I want to meet women for erotic chat, mail or email, one on one, discreet relationships or other "alternative" activities. Private P.O. Box 6654317

Married Couple - We are looking for a guy or guys who would help fulfill our "needs" / "fantasies." We are looking for threesomes or even foursomes. We would like to have two or three guys, counting myself, to have sex with my wife. If you aren't hung well, don't worry, she likes them all. We are very clean people and expect to  find  the same.  If  you  are

into double penetrations, ( and more ), anal, double pussy, etc. and are wild and willing, we hope to hear from you. Pictures will be sent on request. We are interested in men for erotic chat, mail or email, one on one sex, discreet relationships, group sex ( 3 or more! ), or other "alternative" activities. Private P.O. Box 3977690

Beautiful Young Woman - I am a beautiful white young woman who is very, very, sexy! At least that's what I've been told! I'm hot and always horny! I am a great dessert, a complete meal or a wonderful bedtime snack!. Let me help you live out your fantasies with me and get the best ride of your life! I especially love riding older white men! I'm looking for men for one on one sex or discreet relationships. Private P.O. Box 5611753

We're Back! - After a long break, we're back again and eager to experience the thrill of meeting new friends. She loves to tease, flirt, dance, dress sexy, seduce, if sparks are there...girl-girl is exciting. He loves to watch her in action, dance, please others, join in the fun. We're looking for women or couples ( man and woman ) for one on one sex, discreet relationship, erotic chat, mail or email, group sex ( 3 or more! ) or other "alternative" activities. Find us at Private P.O. Box 1677921.

SUPER MOM - Looking for super stud! Private P.O. Box 231173

Looking For - Men for Erotic Chat, Mail, or Email, 1-on-1 sex or Discreet Relationship. I am a very naughty girl, I love to try different things. Private P.O. Box 956613

Looking For - Men for Erotic Chat, Mail, or Email, 1-on-1 sex or Discreet Relationship. To all the guys in here. I'm a guy looking for a hot man. Ask me if you want to know more! Private P.O. Box 221793

Looking For - Men for Discreet Relationship. Young, mature, shy, wild, funny, serious, silent, talkative . . . it may takes longer continue, how do you think is it possible to unite those qualities ... or maybe habits... It does, those character features are taken by a girl like me - for me i am a individual person and maybe someday if you accept me as i am it means that's fate. Private P.O. Box 5377984

Looking For: Men, Women or Couples ( 2 men ) for Erotic Chat or Email, 1-on-1 sex, Discreet Relationship, Group  sex  (  3 or more!  )  or  Other  "Alternative"   Activities
Most of my friends would say I have a dominant/easy-going/ personality. I love playing pool and having a drink here and there with friends. The bar scene is starting to get old for me though. maybe you can make it fun again. When it comes to physical health, I exercise all the time. sex is a great way to lose weight and stay in shape. I like my partners to take turns being in control in the bedroom. I love to be spanked and fucked really hard. rough sex is my thing. I cant tell you what my favorite position is because I love it all. I prefer one-on-one sex, but wouldn't mind trying it with another ( man / woman ) in the room. Private P.O. Box 3376719

Single Male Looking For - Men, Groups, Couples ( 2 men ) or TS/TV/TG for 1-on-1 sex, Cross-Dressing, Discreet Relationship, Erotic Chat or Email, Group sex ( 3 or more! ), Misc. Fetishes or Other "Alternative" Activities. I asked myself alot . . . where is all the hot males on here??? I am still magnetized by the men on here looking for females. I'm looking for someone who discreet!!!! Check out my other Ads on here. I have several.  Private P.O. Box 433966


Looking For - Men, Groups, Couples ( 2 men ) or TS/TV/TG for 1-on-1 sex, Discreet Relationship, Group sex ( 3 or more! ) or Other "Alternative" Activities. Sexy hot t-girl here looking for real time meetings with t-women, t-girls, men and couples. I am always dressed sexy and want only real time meetings. Private P.O. Box 887194

Couple Looking For - Women or TS/TV/TG for 1-on-1 sex, Discreet Relationship, Group sex ( 3 or more! ) or Other "Alternative" Activities. Hi we are a couple who are seeking an equal third in our relationship. We are looking for someone who wants to fall in love and have the best of both worlds. Share everything life has to offer, we are not opposed to even having children in the future with you. We live in the beautiful Annapolis area and own our own home. It's very cozy and quiet. No noise or pollution, no crime. Woods on three sides, a short drive to the beach & shopping. Private P.O. Box 455231

Looking For - Men for Erotic Chat or Email, 1-on-1 sex or Discreet Relationship. I'm a very up beat person and like adventures. I don't have to have a well laid out plan just the thought of how to get there is good enough. I try to enjoy life as I go through it. Ok now that you know a few good things I can say a few bad things. I am very bluntly honest like I said, I tend to hurt peoples feelings with the honesty sometimes. Private P.O. Box 5547923

Looking For: Women for Erotic Chat or Email, Discreet Relationship or 1-on-1 sex. If you contact me I might not reply immediately since I'm new to this and still a bit shy. I look forward to seeing where this leads us. Private P.O. Box 8377121

BM - I'm very interested in the taboo of being with a sexy pregnant female. Open to just oral or penetration. I'm a muscular, good looking Black male just trying to have a discreet experience. Hit me up to if you are interested. Private P.O. Box 4448190

Looking For - Men for Discreet Relationship. I am a strong minded, compassionate individual. I am caring and sincere as well as honest. But I am also fun loving and adventurous. I love anything that has to do with art or doing something dangerous, I love to rock climb. I'm just looking for someone who likes to enjoy life without doing stupid things like drugs. Id like to meet someone who is caring and sweet but also a bit of a bad ass like myself. Private P.O. Box 8711231

Looking For -  Men for Erotic Chat or Email, 1-on-1 sex or Discreet Relationship. I am a 25 year old sexual female looking for that special someone to share my most intimate moments with. Someone that understands me as a whole. Private P.O. Box 6744391


Looking For - Men or Women for 1-on-1 sex, Discreet Relationship or Erotic Chat or Email. Hi. I'm very intelligent with a wild naughtiness combined with the innocence of a little girl, angelic looks. I like to be Massaged, Kissed and Licked ALL over my Body! Love being naked. Love sex alternating between hard, rough to slow and gentle. I adore intelligence in a men and women. I like someone who's sensitive yet strong at the same time with a lot of class. Guys, you'll need a lot of stamina to keep me. I can't tolerate 5 humps and it's over. If you can fuck 5, 6, 7, 8 hours nonstop, then you're my guy. My favorite type of weekend is where all we do is fuck and eat. Ice cream is my fav after-sex food. My fantasy is to fuck on a long overnight plane flight to Europe. I cannot tolerate lies. If I catch you in a lie, I'll cut you out forever. I'm bi. My other fantasy is 3 or 4 of us girls together getting it on. Private P.O. Box 8876329

SWF - I am in search of a new and passionate playmate. I'm seeking a multitude of things. I'm looking for pleasure, fun, passion, romance, excitement and laughs. I'm not looking for "forever", but it  does  need  to

be about fun, respect and pleasure. Someone / thing to look forward to, anticipate, savor and enjoy. I have a nice figure, nice butt, tight bare pussy and nice legs!!! I dress well and love clothing; whether I'm in jeans, a suit, a dress or in my fleece laying on the sofa, watching a good movie. I also like to dress for my partner and I have a multitude of sexy / pretty lingerie. I will happily share photo's with anyone that I am interested in. Discretion Is Paramount, so that's why a head shot is not posted. I'm looking to find the right somebody to share myself with. Looking for a friend, a confidant and lover. Someone that I can totally be myself with without barriers. To me being attracted to someone is a combination of things, not just their looks or physique but the entire person. Does this sound like you? If so, please send me a note with a photo. Thanks again for taking the time to view my Ad. Private P.O. Box 9973973

Happily Married White Couple Seeking Clean Single & Married Men For Discreet Encounters - She is 5'6", 125lbs., blonde hair, hazel eyes & pregnant. He is Straight, 6'2", 220 lbs.,  brown  hair

& green eyes. She loves mutual masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, sex toys, bondage, blindfolds & hot wax. She wants to experience different cocks of different sizes and different ages before giving birth. She also wants several men at once. We are seeking clean, single & married men from 18 to 65 with medium to large cocks for our erotic adventures. No pressure, No Head Games, Just Plain Sexy Fun For Everyone! We want Skin on Skin & No Condoms! You must be D/D Free, educated, gentle & polite. Social drinkers are ok but we are only looking for non smokers. Private P.O. Box 2221375

I'm a fun loving woman who is looking for that something that is missing at home. Private P.O. Box 1665231

Single White Female - I have a fetish for erotic play and hot wax! I'm really into candles and I'm also into bondage. I love to be blindfolded, tied across a table or a bed, licked and sucked until I can't stand it anymore, fucked with fingers and sex toys ( or anything else ) When I'm really hot after all the foreplay I love hot wax poured on  my  clit  and  pussy   and   then

peeled off and done again! It turns me on immensely!! Getting fucked by everyone is a major climax after the hot wax! I also love it when groups of people watch or participate and I don't know who they are and I never see their faces or hear their voices!. You never know who's doing what or what's gonna happen next! I love having sex with men, women and groups! If you are clean, D/D Free and Discreet, write to me. Private P.O. Box 8821749


We are a very fun, attractive couple looking for another couple or bi females. No single men! Wife is 25, very sexy, 5'4", 105 lbs., 34d breast and loves women. Husband is very attractive, 5'11', 180 lbs. We love to have fun and would like to have fun with you. If interested please reply with picture. We are ready when you are! Before we meet, face pictures are required and we will give you ours. We are looking for a couple or a bi girl to have fun with. Must be drug and disease free, honest, discreet & attractive. Please reply with pictures. No pictures, No reply. Private P.O. Box 8883791

Happily Married Couple - We are very new to this and are very excited. She is bi-curious, beautiful 29 y/o and he is straight. She hasn't been with another woman yet, but is very interested. We only go together with the possibility of a  full  swap  if 

the feeling is right. We are interested in a girl for a threesome or a couple with the same interests as us. No single males need apply! She is not interested and neither am I. Send pictures to us and we will send you ours.  Private P.O. Box 5337913

Single White Female

I am Available for Erotic Photography Sessions, Custom Photo Shoots, Private Photo Shoots, 

Home Movies, Videos &  So Much
More . . .
I can travel if given some advanced notice or
you can meet me at an agreed upon location.

Private P.O. Box 7775175

Couple Seeking Spice - We are a couple that wants to add more to our sex life. We like pleasing and we like to be pleased. We are both working professionals with very public jobs. We are nice 

looking and clean. We have a good sense of humor and love to laugh. She is bi-curious and very interested in the female experience. He is very straight. We are looking for couples and select singles to spend some time with us. Bi-females would be great, but definitely not a must. Discretion is a Must! Single Men Welcome! Private P.O. Box 2217349

White Female - Self-employed, stay at home mom would really like to fuck! Private P.O. Box 1183779

We Are New To This Group - Open minded, happily married, degreed professional couple, interested in meeting reasonably fit, attractive, confident women to share hot and steamy sex. We have     lots     of     friends

already - some we have fooled around with, but want something new and exciting. Husband is 6'1", 210 lbs, wife is 5'6", 107 lbs. We enjoy new friends and experiences, nightclubs, strippers, concerts, boating, skiing, football and basketball games, films, dancing, late nights, and having a great time together, in bed and out. Toys, video, bondage are all cool! If you are the right person, anything goes. We're looking for fun, reasonably fit and attractive, confident, and sexy women between age 18 and 40 who will help us live out our fantasies. Discretion and no attachments a must at first. Looking for someone to join us in threesomes, perhaps more. Intelligence, humor, class, and being comfortable in your own skin are a plus, as well as a turn-on. Must be open minded and fun to party with. We're looking forward to hearing from you. Private P.O. Box 2294632

Divorced White Female - Blonde hair & blue eyes. I just got out of a divorce and the kids won't let me have time for a boyfriend right now so I just want to have some fun. Private P.O. Box 1183718

Very Happily Married Couple - He is 38 white, 6'0" 200 lbs. black hair brown eyes and she is 35 white f - 5'2", brown hair and hazel eyes. We like to have discreet fun in groups or one on one.. We are very  interested  in

meeting with a female for fun, we're looking for straight males for fun and also couples or groups. We're looking for people who like to give oral as much as receive it. We're not into pain or humiliation. We're also not into feet fetishes. If you're interested, send us a letter and we'll get back to you. Please include a face picture and we will return ours. Private P.O. Box 1229732

SWF - I am 18 years old and I'm out to have a good time, one with no strings attached. If you're interested and if you live in SC, write to me! No head games! No  Fat  Guys!  No

Smokers!   Just Sex! I am willing to travel if it isn't outside of SC. Cum see my other Ads! Must be STD Free! Private P.O. Box 8817459

Looking For - Men for Erotic Chat or Email or Discreet Relationship. I am a sexy blonde. Some say I an intimidating. I say you just have to get to know me. I guess I have an ego or a strong sense of self confidence. Private P.O. Box 8773491

Looking For - Women for Erotic Chat, Mail, Email or Discreet Relationship. My names Jess, I'm 21 years old, I've got a daughter who's 5. My boyfriend split when my daughter was born, so I'm just looking for a new friend, maybe more. Private P.O. Box 1313494

Looking For - Men for Discreet Relationship. Wanting, needing, waiting for you to justify my love . . . lol, well maybe just some good sex! Private P.O. Box 5677231

Looking For - Women, Couples ( man and woman ), Groups or Couples ( 2 women ) for Erotic Chat or Email, 1-on-1 sex, Discreet Relationship, Group sex ( 3 or more! ), or Other "Alternative" Activities. I'm a single woman and I like woman. I'm a relationship, but I don't like her, I need new friends. See my other Ads, I have a few! Private P.O. Box 8372291

Looking For - Men for Erotic Chat or Email, 1-on-1 sex or Discreet Relationship. 21 bi-female, looking to explore what fun I can have. I'm willing to try anything once. Must be discrete and drug & disease free. I'm wild and ready to go! I'm flirty, sweet and a freak in bed. Private P.O. Box 5479371

Looking For - Men for Erotic Chat, Mail Email, 1-on-1 sex or Discreet Relationship. Come on don’t be shy. Your here reading this in the first place that 2 me means your looking to be naughty and see where it takes you. Well let me come along and I promise we will have a great time. Throw caution to the wind. Drop me a line and let’s see where it takes us. Private P.O. Box 2265137

Looking For - Men for Erotic Chat or Email, 1-on-1 sex or Discreet Relationship. I'm a hot blonde, blue eyed, tan, sexy 135 lb girl with a naughty mind! All I want to do is play with a naughty guy! ( Either on the beach or in the water! ) I like walking on the beach at night and I love extreme sports. I may not motorcycle or do things that most guys do, but I love to watch them. I love to do stuff and I love to snowboard. I'm funny and have a great sense of humor. I'm cute and I look like a surfer girl, You'll like what you see! Private P.O. Box 9993781

Looking For - Men, Women or Couples ( man and woman ) for 1-on-1 sex, Discreet Relationship, Group sex ( 3 or more! ) or Other "Alternative" Activities. We are a fun outgoing couple looking for the same. We enjoy going to wineries, seeing live bands, and trail rides near the river front. We are looking for a little extra fun in the bedroom, hopefully with a couple we could possibly have a friendship with down the road. We are equally attractive, energetic, into fitness and would appreciate the same. Private P.O. Box 553979

Looking For - Men for Erotic Chat or Email, 1-on-1 sex or Discreet Relationship. I am 28 and bored with my life. Looking to have discrete encounters with local men. Private P.O. Box 7787135

Looking For - Men for Discreet Relationship. Hi men over there my name is Charlotte Williams and very beautiful good looking woman with caring, loving, honest and understanding. I like cooking, reading and spending time with my family. Private P.O. Box 6197753

Man Looking For - Men, Women, Couples ( man and woman ), Groups, Couples ( 2 women ), Couples ( 2 men ) or TS/TV/TG for Discreet Relationship, 1-on-1 sex or Group sex ( 3 or more! ), fuck my ass very, very, fast and hard. See my other Ads. Private P.O. Box 6439778

White Couple enjoys pantyhose, nylon, thigh high & stocking fetishes. We are seeking like minded people  who share and enjoy our fetish and would like to meet and possibly experience more?

We are both fit, active, drug and disease free and very outgoing. Both of us are very laid back and there is no pressure here! No Pushy People Please!!! Our schedules are very flexible and we also travel frequently. Both of us enjoy sex and we are willing to share. No Drama . . . No Mind Games! He is straight ( no guys for him ), but she is very Bi and enjoys sex with other females, middle age to younger preferred. Right now we are only looking for other white couples, or single white females who share our fetish . . . no single men, no married men without your other half! If you're a single female and prefer sex with females, he is content to watch, maybe film or take pictures. He will only join in if that's what you want. No Pressure! Neither of us smoke, drink or use drugs. We are both clean, she is bare, tight, sweet and cums alot with multiple orgasms!  He can last a long, long time and cums multiple times. Both of us prefer bareback and we don't use condoms. If you're interested, drop us a line with your pictures included. Discreet Relationship considered with right single female or couple. No Picture, No Response! Private P.O. Box 3131998

Looking For - Men for Erotic Chat or Email, 1-on-1 sex or Discreet Relationship. I am a lady who needs to have a little spice in her life. I believe that all beauty should be viewed both inside and out and not just based on looks alone. Private P.O. Box 5563771

Looking For - Men for Erotic Chat or Email, 1-on-1 sex or Discreet Relationship. I'm fun outgoing and love to be with both women and men. I like to be kisses everywhere and licked. Private P.O. Box 998591

Looking For - Women for Erotic Chat or Email, 1-on-1 sex or Discreet Relationship. Well I don't know what to say right now, I'm not good at these things. I will get back with you later when I think of something, lol. Private P.O. Box 8377912

Couple Looking For - Women for Erotic Chat, Mail, Email, Discreet Relationship, or 2-on-1 sex. We love extremes and we love to spoil. The more woman we can please in the shortest time, the happier we are. Private P.O. Box 6659712

SWF - I've never done this, but I have cruised through this website alot and am in love with the idea of meeting a stranger and hooking up. I want to lose my virginity and want to do it soon. I am real and have never done this before. Must be Discreet! Private P.O. Box3331273